Implementing Technology

The construction industry isn’t typically what comes to mind when one thinks of technological advances. That may never change. However, should this be your line of work and you haven’t embraced technologies to simplify, coordinate and streamline your business, your competitors probably already have, and you can bet their construction site is functioning at a significantly higher level.

Conger Construction Group leverages technology and embraces the ever-changing and inventive sciences in order to stay current and competitive. By implementing Procore, a cloud-based software program, Conger is able to efficiently keep projects on time and within, if not under, budget. With Procore, construction professionals can easily and efficiently communicate and collaborate on projects with access to all documentation including RFIs, submittals, document management, meeting minutes, daily logs, punch lists and more. With any internet-connected device, teams can create, edit and share data which is stored, tracked and secured within Procore. This provides owners a transparent view into their project at real time access.

The efficiency benefits of Procore could be measured immediately by Conger’s team from something as valuable as decreases in miscommunication to calculated increases in sales. Keeping projects on schedule is imperative to profitability. Without the ability to monitor deadlines and anticipate delays, valuable time and resources are lost. Regardless of how good you are at your job, if you are relying on outdated technologies, your overall performance becomes exponentially more difficult and you will likely see clients move toward a company who incorporates automations of this nature.