Shining a Light On Bill Varney

Conger Construction Group is twenty-five years strong in the commercial construction industry, but we wouldn’t have come nearly this far if it weren’t for our incredible team. Today we shine a light on Bill Varney.

Bill has been with Conger since 2014, however, he has known construction for the majority of his life. He began working part-time with a commercial construction company when he was sixteen. After graduation he stepped into a full-time role. Bill prides himself in the fact that he’s never built a house or a cookie cutter building. He counts himself fortunate in that he learned the many trades of his industry through valuable mentors early on. As a result, he has been a superintendent since he was twenty-one with expert knowledge in all facets of construction.

With completed projects as complex as building chemical plants, and multiple commercial freezer projects that are as much as 500,000 SF, Bill continues to add to his impressive portfolio of work. Currently, he serves as the superintendent overseeing the daily operations of the construction of the new Middletown Middle School. While at home Bill is husband and dad, on the job site he leads and coordinates 60-100 contractors and sub-contractors as they work together to construct a facility that will meet the needs of the community for many years to come.

Thank you, Bill. You embody the mission, vision and values of Conger. We’re fortunate to have you and appreciate all you do.