Shining a Light On Vicky Short

In 1987, Congress declared March as National Women’s History Month. Every year a special Presidential Proclamation is issued which honors the extraordinary achievements of American women. The very nature of the construction business is largely male dominated. No one would argue the logic of that. Conversely, we happily recognize and celebrate the women in our industry and we would be remiss if we allowed the month to slip by without acknowledgment of our own Vicky Short.

Vicky has been an integral part of our firm for the past 17 years. She is the longest tenured employee behind Larry Conger who established the Conger Construction Group, then known as GC Contracting, in 1992. As office manager, Vicky is a wealth of knowledge. She has touched every aspect of this company from sub-contractor pre-qualifications to accounts receivable, and it has been said more than once that the walls of Conger would surely crumble without Vicky to keep it upright. However, if you were to ask Vicky yourself, she would tell you that she thanks God every day for her job. From a time when Conger Construction consisted of a two-room office on Columbus Avenue in Lebanon, Ohio to its current location on McKinley Avenue with more than thirty employees, the growth is what is most astonishing to Vicky.

Outside of the office, no grass grows under Vicky’s feet. She has raised two boys; one is a detective for the Hamilton Township Police Department and one is a high school teacher and football coach residing in Florida. She has four grandchildren, and in addition to just about any outdoor activity she enjoys reading, and travel. In fact, Vicky recently returned from a mission trip to Haiti. She sets the bar for women in the workplace of a male dominated industry and as a role model for women everywhere. Thank you, Vicky. We’re fortunate to have you and we’re thankful for you.