Bethany School

Glendale, OH


The Bethany School Project includes a total of 73,000 SF spaces. 27,000 SF of that was existing space that remained as is or received some level of renovation. The Project received LEED Platinum certification and includes a media center, larger classrooms, and a dining addition which set Bethany up nicely for the upcoming decades. The historic structure is comprised of administrative offices and a new gateway that greets students, staff, and guests.
The project transformed the campus of the school in a significant manner. The new 8-grade classroom building is the showcase of the construction. It is a NetZero energy-efficient building, the second most energy-efficient school building in the nation. Conger will also be constructing the convent, and retreat center, as well as significant upgrades in stormwater management.

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Bethany School, Glendale, Ohio
Bethany School, Glendale, Ohio