McCluskey Automotive HQ

Loveland, OH


The newly established headquarters of McCluskey Automotive features a prominent two-story office section at the forefront, serving as the hub for all corporate management activities and staff training amenities, spanning 20,000 square feet. Positioned behind the office area lies an additional 19,500 square feet designated for operational purposes, primarily catering to the processing of incoming used vehicles. This section encompasses various facilities such as a car detailing shop equipped with a wash bay and an engine steam cleaning bay, spacious truck bays, a designated zone for installing rhino liners in truck beds, a high-tech paint booth, and a cutting-edge photo studio boasting an eighteen-foot diameter turntable. This studio facilitates comprehensive photography of incoming vehicles, ensuring meticulous capture from all angles for online sales imagery.

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McCluskey Automotive HQ, Loveland, Ohio
McCluskey Automotive HQ, Loveland, Ohio